Turnkey solutions for test & measuring environments to enhance ease, safety and productivity

Electronics and the electronic laboratory environment are characterized by continuous and dramatic innovation since the 1980s. There has been rapid and remarkable development in the range and complexity of electronic components and devices, matched by complementary changes and growth in the laboratory environment.

As electronics get smaller, more complex and sensitive, laboratory systems have had to keep pace, with advances in testing equipment, furniture, infrastructure and techniques.


Electronics manufacturing, testing and quality control need test and measuring equipment and ergonomic environments that are flexible, versatile and safe. Hence Messung brings the future of modern workplace systems for R&D labs, testing labs, calibration centers, didactic and training centers, etc. spread across the Indian electronic industry. Messung’s innovative, modular &customized laboratory furniture systems, and intelligent test & measurement solutions are designed to improve efficiency while offering user comfort.

Messung also offers expert capabilities for designing and executing complete laboratory solutions and setups or Training center setups.

ESD furniture
, testing equipment & instrumentation, computers, storage systems, harmonics-free power supplies, server rooms with UPS and air-conditioners – whatever the customer needs as per his application, Messung delivers the complete infrastructure from concept to commissioning.

Messung’s most important offering in this Domain are world-class, cost-effective solutions for Research and Development Laboratories (R&D Labs), Training and Didactic Centers, Calibration Stations for instrumentation, and complete setups for Assembly, Testing and Quality Control for large and medium electronic manufacturing units.

R&D Labs

Most electronic manufacturing companies have their own R&D labs for PCB design, prototype building, EMI-EMC testing, etc. These activities call for specific requirements such as ESD work surfaces, instrumentation racks or panels, computer monitors, connection to power supplies, Digital Multi Meters, Function Generators with high level specifications, and noise free highly stable Power supplies. Messung provides the entire infrastructure for such R&D labs, with fail-proof ESD protection, proper ergonomics and flexibility to adapt to evolving needs. Messung also offers ESD shelves, ESD drawer cabinets, ESD storage racks & cupboards, along with all the instrumentation and equipment’s.

Training & Didactic Centres

For Industrial and educational institutes focusing on Digital/Analog/IOT Technology, Messung helps set up world-class training & didactic centers in tune with future needs. Messung provides fully equipped didactic workstations and labs empowered with customized electronic products, simulators, oscilloscopes and other instrumentation; custom-designed user interfaces; training collaterals and assessment tools.

Messung specialises in preparing Training and Didactic stations for Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Process Automation, Instrumentation Automation for testing and quality control, Energy Management with top quality products for Power Quality Analysis and Supervisory Scada. We have specialised solutions for creating training for students in Home Automaton, Lighting Controls, HVAC Controls including BMS, Fire and Safety, Access Control and CCTV/Surveillance Controls.

Messung also offers to make dedicated Didactic and Training solutions for specific needs of Colleges, Universities, and Corporate Training centres.

Calibration Centres

All general purpose and precision measurement instruments and sensors require periodic calibration, compulsorily. The end user has to keep records of all the calibrations done so that it becomes part of their Quality Control manual and guarantees. Calibration minimises any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of each and every test equipment and sensors. Whether it is calibration of instruments or calibration of various sensors and actuators, along with their ESD-safe furniture, Messung offers suitable electronic equipment and Software that are necessary to make the calibration as required by the Industry standard.

Based on the level of accuracy and functionality specified, Messung custom-designs and delivers the complete setup for calibration stations.
We specialise in making these calibration stations for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fertiliser and Oil & Gas industries.

Messung provides modular, world-class work stations, trolleys and racks specially designed and manufactured to meet the functional and ergonomic requirements of PCB Assembly, Cables, End Product Assembly, Service & Repair. We have all the facilities to make the “Bed of nails” equipment and jigs to make testing and quality control suitable for large and medium quantity production setups. We provide complete solutions for testing & measuring, rework and end of line testing in Automotive, Telecom, Defense, Pharmaceutical, FMCG and other industries.


Established in the year 1981, Messung Global Connect Pvt. Ltd. is also a leading ESD chair supplier and manufacturer of world-class workplace technology solutions in India. The range includes ESD safe laboratory chairs, ESD cleanroom chairs, antistatic workbenches, ESD tables, ESD racks & trolleys, ESD stools and ESD mats. Messung also has a range of products for the Cleanroom requirements.

At its world-class Technology Centre in Pune, Messung continuously innovates and tests their products for design, quality and finish. So you’re assured high quality, ergonomic industrial furniturewith ESD protectionas per global standards – for user health and productivity.

Today, with its decades of industry experience and in depth knowledge of the electronics industry in particular, Messung’s scope has expanded to offer the complete package for modern laboratory and training centers. Messung’s Test & Measuring solutions are providing a safe, ergonomic and efficient work environment across industry verticals that include Defense, Automotive, Education, Telecom, FMCG, Pharma and others.

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