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Electronics manufacturing, testing and quality control need test and measuring equipment and ergonomic environments that are flexible, versatile and safe. Hence we bring the future of modern workplace systems for R&D labs, testing labs, calibration stations, manufacturing departments, assembly stations and training centres spread across the Indian electronic industry.

Our innovative, modular & customised laboratory furniture systems are designed to improve efficiency, safety and comfort. Our world-class ESD workstations, ESD racks, industrial work tables, lab tables with drawers and other workplace and storage solutions enable users to optimise their work environment for enhanced productivity.

We also offer ergonomic ESD chairs, workstation chairs and laboratory chairs that are proven in tough industrial and critical cleanroom applications. They are trusted for enhancing user comfort, safety and health - to benefit your most valuable resource: your people.

We offer workplace technology solutions in two categories: International and 'Made in India' by Messung.

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About Navonmesh

Navonmesh is Messung’s unique initiative to design and manufacture world-class products in India. With Navonmesh, Messung is evolving its core strength of indigenous innovation.

Messung has been working closely with various industries, understanding their needs and challenges, identifying opportunities and technologies to manufacture the most relevant products that contribute to the customers' success.

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The new AFM-PLUS range is specially designed for use in industrial environments such as Electronics manufacturing, R&D test laboratories, calibration stations, end of line testing in Automotive, Pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.

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