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Messung is well-known in the industry for providing world-class quality ESD lab solutions. They are the pioneers in the industry for bringing the patented volume-ESD technology to India through their products like ESD workstations, ergonomic ESD chairs, ESD storage racks and trolleys. Messung is also well -known in the industry for providing special application labs such as RF labs, Calibration labs, Testing labs and many more using the volume-ESD technology.

With the use of this technology, customers are guaranteed ESD safe properties for a lifetime. Messung has developed upgraded labs of numerous clients using this technology and the results have been phenomenal every time.

Messung Global Connect has been a valuable supplier of superior industrial solutions to one of the leading multinationals in the automotive electronics segment. Messung has proven results in almost 8 of their sites across India; be it their production centre in Nasik or Electronics R&D hardware lab in Bangalore, Messung has catered to their varying requirements for industrial lab solutions. From providing a complete electronics lab setup with superior German technology ESD workstations and chairs to material handling solutions like ESD storage racks and ESD trolleys, Messung has delivered as per the requirements, every time.

The Challenge

A few of the customer’s teams in Bengaluru are tasked with the testing of ECU (Electronic Engine Control Unit), a component which has application in automotive electronics. An ECU controls the fuel supply, air management, fuel injection and ignition and is also able to control the exhaust system as well as to integrate transmission and vehicle functions. Thus it is the central controller and heart of the engine management system.

Electronic Engine Control Unit
Fig – Customer Product

The criticality of this electronic component and the intricacy of its architecture mandated that the teams perform this operation within a monitored Electro-static dissipative area. It is very crucial for this team to monitor the ESD performance of all the equipment and furniture inside the lab and ensure the quality and output rate of the final parts.

The teams were facing some issues with the existing setup, which was as per the guidelines but did not house the latest technologies. Their current setup of ESD workstations was inefficient to work on as the workspace was occupied by the heavy testing instruments which were kept on the table top. The ESD chairs were non-ergonomic and working efficiently for long hours proved to be a tedious task. The safety standards set by the facility management team was also the main aspect to consider for the lab setup as prioritized by the Project Manager.

The storage of wire harnessing cables and load boxes in the existing setup was also a crucial aspect for the end-user. As multiple project teams from multiple locations work in these labs, there is a requirement for categorically storing the wire harnessing cables according to individual project teams’ requirement. The existing setup did not allow for this categorization and there was a risk of stored items getting mixed up.

The Solution

Once the challenges were identified by the customer’s team, they approached Messung for providing the new-age ESD lab solutions. Messung, being well-known in the industry for designing and commissioning world-class new technology ESD laboratories, was the obvious choice for providing solutions to their challenges. Messung undertook a complete overhaul of their existing labs by providing advanced technology ESD workstations and fully-ergonomic ESD chairs.

A special workstation which incorporates the 19inch rack system mounted horizontally on the table for instrument integration was provided which made the complete workspace area available for testing work and helped in de-cluttering the worktable.  The storage issue was also resolved by designing custom ESD racks and ESD trolleys. All these products involve special ESD material which incorporates the volume-ESD technology.

Volume ESD means embedding carbon polymers in the base material used to manufacture the ESD product. This makes the entire worktop or storage shelves conductive with dissipative lamination on both the sides of the workstation. The properties for discharging the charge are uniformly present throughout the volume of the material as compared to its presence only on the contact surface in traditional technology.

The approach followed by the Messung team was simple and precise. In the first stage of operation, the requirements and the existing set-up was analyzed. In the following stage, solutions in the form of 3D designs of complete lab layout which included the ESD racks, ESD workstations & chairs was provided against the challenges posed by the customer.

A special workstation was introduced which could integrate their existing testing instruments in a horizontal 19inch rack system mounted on the table. This system is called a cockpit and it provided tremendous benefit for their team. The instruments were traditionally kept on the table top which caused cluttering of the workspace, leaving very little open space for the engineer to work. With the new cockpit system, all the instruments were integrated inside it and the connections were provided on the front face of the table. The data from the instruments was displayed on the monitor connected to the table ergonomically with the help of a monitor arm. This improved the product which also complied with all the safety conditions of the customer and was cleared by their Facility Management team.

Other  ESD workstations provided also offered provision for accessories like fume extractor, soldering stations, ESD bins, magnifying glass etc., all placed ergonomically so that it increases efficiency of the employees.

The workstations were also certified as per IEC 61340-5-1 ESD standards which guaranteed good quality to the customer.

ESD Safe Laboratory Workbenches
Fig – Instrument integrated in the cockpit with storage racks& ESD chair on the side
ESD Workbench manufacturer in India

The storage issue was also resolved by designing custom ESD racks and ESD trolleys. All these products involve special ESD material which incorporates the volume-ESD technology.

ESD Safe Laboratory Workbenches
ESD Safe Laboratory Worktables


Electronic assembly tables in India
Test & measuring solutions in India

The new lab looks world-class and boasts of the latest German technology which has helped the customer’s team in a multitude of ways. The primary goal, which was to improve the ESD performance of the lab setup, was achieved with this new technology. The advanced ergonomically designed ESD workstations with cockpit and ESD chairs allow the team to work with better efficiency than before. Overall the new labs satisfy and exceed all the requirements laid down by the customer’s Facility Management team and have guaranteed them a product with extreme durability and dependability.

Messung is proud to partner with Automotive and other sectors to provide stylish and world-class workplace technology solutions in India. Messung’s proven expertise in designing and installing complete lab setups of global standards, complemented by their own range of ergonomic Volume ESD laboratory worktables and ESD safe chairs as per IEC 61340-5-1 safety standards,  makes Messung the go-to partner for EPAs and electronics laboratories across industries.

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