Messung’s Journey to the Defense Industry

For the longest time, Messung has always been known as a company that is in the field of electronics and automation. When it comes to the industrial vertical, we have set our foot at the forefront of innovative engineering.

When we decided to venture into the business of workplace technology and world-class ESD solutions, an array of opportunities opened up for us.

Our team of experts conducted a detailed study on the requirements of high-end companies, such as PSUs comprising BEL, and public sectors’ defense companies such as DRDO and ISRO.

India’s defense vertical is one of the strongest and most powerful sectors in the world known to come up with high-end solutions in terms of weapons, satellites, and space-related research. Thus, 100 percent ESD safe equipment is the top and non-negotiable demand of the industry. An efficient and quality ESD solution was common, yet the most significant requirement of the industry.

Being the manufacturer of world-class ESD furniture, we saw the Indian Defense Industry as a game-changer opportunity. However, the journey to penetrate the industry was no piece of cake!

We knew, that understanding the fundamentals is the key to our further journey. We geared up our research and strategy planning. We employed our best system integrators holding in-depth domain knowledge and appointed reliable partners, who were already catering to the customers in the defense vertical. With worked with the R & D department to devise a one-stop solution strategy.

When we got the basics right and thoroughly understood the specific requirements of the industry, we were finally successful to craft solutions that exactly aligned with their quality demands.

We intended to keep our journey gradual rather than swift. Initially, we built solutions for the Missile and Radar departments. We created strategic references and gave unique customized solutions. We engraved a lot of confidence and a factor of reliability.

After achieving great success in the Repair Labs Department, we got an opportunity to work for their R & D, New Product development, and testing labs. While working for the diverse departments, we learned and designed solutions that were specific to each department.

India has been investing heftily in the defense sector to build a stronger foundation for the country. This gives us a valuable opportunity to go back to the drawing board to innovate and work on backward engineering.

Today, we are very proud to say that we are an integral part of many strategic installations in the verticals like,


We effectively created an array of solutions for several departments like,

● Missile system
● Power electronics for aerospace
● Military radar
● Missile testing
● Avionics
● Atomic research for Agriculture

For Messung defense will always be a strong pillar for years to come, and our vision is to play a key role in being a technology partner for this growing field.

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