Made In India; Manufacturing the Exceptions

Case study of Defence Organization

Make in India is probably one of the successful projects initiated by the Government. Messung Workplace Technology has been supporting the same initiative as Navonmesh. As Indian customers are becoming more aware of technological advancements, the demand for products with matched quality to that of foreign products is significantly increasing. With our team of experts, we have successfully manufactured world-class quality products. We witnessed the support and appreciation for Made in India products while catering to one of the renowned Indian Defence Organizations.

The organization is responsible for manufacturing critical products with high technology in India. They implied their preference for products that were specially designed and manufactured in India. This gave us an excellent opportunity to offer the finest products to the most significant part of our country’.

Before Messung was introduced, the organization had employed conventional ESD tables made by local suppliers for their R & D and testing labs. The tables were devoid of 100% ESD properties. Moreover, the
restricted customization impacted their productivity substantially. The tables often had to undergo periodic maintenance to keep the ESD readings under the limit. Simultaneously, importing ESD tables and benches coupled with a longer delivery time and lack of after-sales service would have cost them a fortune.

Messung approached the Defence organization with the advantage of our volumetric ESD properties, customized solutions as per their applications and the best aesthetic designs. The organization knew the importance of highly efficient ESD products, and our AFM Plus series was a perfect suit for what they were looking for.

We understood the detailed requirements and designed the lab with different types of customized test benches matching their different applications. The lab was fully equipped with volumetric ESD tables and
benches, utilizing the lab space efficiently and making more seating capacity.

The Result

The customization minimized a lot of errors. The failures in electronic circuits occurring due to local ESD tables were completely eliminated. With our neat customized designs, they successfully increased their productivity by 20%. The rework due to circuit failures was reduced by 30%.

With the success of one lab of the defence organization, we designed and developed many other labs in the same organization.

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