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Ergonomic Solution; Messung ESD PU Chair

Work ergonomics are an important aspect of any firm, especially in industries that demand agility and efficiency. Many studies have found the significant impact of ergonomics on productivity, chronic illness, working hours, mental health, and much more. For instance, according to the data of the Ergonomic Center, NC State University, by implementing efficient ergonomic solutions, productivity at any workplace can be increased by 25%.

Several convenience fueling factors, such as a comfortable seat, flexible backrest, height adjustment mechanism, and effortless movement are mandatory aspects in tough working conditions. Besides, the quality of these factors is the cornerstone that ultimately influences productivity.

At workplaces such as Design, Development, Production, Assembly, Quality Control, Testing, Packaging, Fabrication/Workshops every department demands quality chairs. Despite the departments being unique, the same chairs in the current market are employed everywhere. However, Messung believes every industry is distinct and demands specifics.

Well, we design and build those specifics.

Meaning, that we understand the requirements and design an exact solution for our customers.

Why Ordinary Industrial Chairs Can Cost You a Fortune

  • Generally, ordinary chairs are foam covered with fabric, which often plunges over a period and causes discomfort. Moreover, cleaning such chairs poses a major challenge.
  • The casters are China-made and often wear out within six months. Due to a lack of replacement service, the whole chair becomes useless without wheel(s).
  • Ordinary ESD chairs are available with a single layer of ESD that wears off after a single wash or cleaning.

Why Messung’s PU Chair is a Cost-Saving Option

To keep every industry devoid of such challenges, Messung offers Polyurethane PU chairs with significant features that enhance durability and working efficiency at the same time.

  • The PU Chair has fewer air gaps in the foam. The higher density ensures the foam regains its original shape and keeps the comfort intact.
  • Tear-proof, highly elastic Volumetric ESD PU-Integral Foam ensures ESD protection and optimal wear properties. It can be easily cleaned with Trichloro ethylene, Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), water, etc.
  • To assure strength and dependability, the five casters’ heavy-duty dual wheels undergo a 100,000 cycle test on hurdles. The weight carrying capacity of each 50mm diameter caster is 50Kg.
  • PU ESD safe ergonomics chair has a synchronous mechanism that enables users to enjoy a seat tilt of 7 degrees, and backrest tilt of 35degrees with a forwarding tilt of 15 degrees, and a backward tilt of 20 degrees.
  • The aluminum die-cast polished five-star base provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion-resistant properties. The 700 mm diameter base provides better stability.
  • The PU Chair comes with a hard chrome-plated piston rod and spindle pipe that provide extra reliability and corrosion resistance.


Workplace ergonomics is an integral and inevitable part of any industry. An efficient workplace ergonomics can reduce musculoskeletal disorders by 59%(average).

Messung’s world-class ESD PU Chair is specially designed for tough working conditions that ensure productivity and better health of employees.


The Business Case for Implementing an Ergonomics Program, The Ergonomic Center, 2021 

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