Why Messung Workplace Technology Chose to Make in India

Our journey in the workplace tech business started in the year 2016 when Messung Global Connect encountered the state-of-the-art German Workplace Technology Products. The world-class attributes of the products drove us to launch the same in India.

Despite the challenges, with Messung’s goodwill, sales, and marketing strength, we successfully got inroads into the renowned German Automotive companies, such Bosch and eminent defence firms, including BEL.

The distribution process of German products in India was a big success for us. We received excellent feedback on the products. This gave us a unique opportunity to understand consumer buying behaviour and comprehend what exactly the Indian customers are looking for. Our pure focus was to deliver exceptional products in India at a reasonable time.

On the flip side, we encountered inevitable challenges, including forex volatility, erratic custom policies, and most importantly, our prompt deliveries and services were hinged on foreign principles. These aspects significantly affected our primary objective.

The Birth of Navonmesh

Messung was firmly determined to drive the goals to new heights, and we chose to mitigate the import limitations by manufacturing the finest products in India itself. The commendable initiative by the Government of India, Make In India, gave us another yet crucial purpose to create a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and servicing the client ourselves. In 2018, we embarked on a new dream. A dream to innovate and create in India itself.

With the inception of a new objective, we had many unprecedented situations before us, such as the availability of a designer, a holistic market survey to design the perfect fit for the product, accessibility of high-quality raw material, and compelling raw material sales pricing strategy.

But as the great Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Our team’s common objective and dedication made everything possible. To build the strong pillars of success, we started with fundamentals, R & D. A thorough R & D, opting for a proficient designer, and good vendors around Pune were all we needed to get started.

In 2020, the pandemic gave us the time & opportunity to work back to back with our key customers, designers, and vendors over conference calls and many in-person forums to close the loop on missing links in the puzzle. Due to Messung’s past expertise over the last 30 years, we closed on the prototype very quickly with 95 % accuracy within the first round of prototype manufacturing. We finally could see light at the end of the tunnel.

In collaboration with the best OEMs and vendors in Pune and integrating the right machines with our team of experts, we finally launched a Make In India product. We named our journey ‘Navonmesh’, an initiative to design and manufacture world-class products in India. With Navonmesh, we aimed to revive our core strength of indigenous innovation. It gave us a significant purpose to walk in the market with our heads held high. We witnessed a strong emotional connection for the Make in India initiative. Customers were astounded by the look and feel of our products, which matched the quality of the best German companies’ products. We were warmly welcomed by several clients for our Make in India products of
superior quality at a reasonable price.

At present, under Navonmesh, we are focused on delivering the best to our customers with limitless customization and fast-paced delivery. We started this journey to create an impact in India with our indigenous solutions and collaborating with real experts, and we intend to continue the same with our customer-centric approach.

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