Reducing Risk of ESD Damage in Defence Applications

The constant evolution of warfare tactics and defence technology has led to massive restructuring of radar, telematics, propulsion and other systems used in military and space applications. Compared to earlier versions, the current systems are more compact, refined and demanding. They include highly sophisticated electronics which are smaller and more intricate than ever before. This has made electronic components even more susceptible to ESD damage. During any phase of manufacturing or testing, electro-static accumulated charge can damage and destroy the minute and complex construction of today’s miniature electronic parts.

Just imagine the implications if an electronic component fails in a critical application like telematics of a missile, radar system of a tank or propulsion system of a submarine in the field. The risks and ramifications are immense, hence ESD prevention and protection are vital to improving reliability in defence electronics manufacturing and testing. 


In the Defence sector, in electronics areas including those dedicated to R&D, Manufacturing, Testing, Training and Storage, electro-static charge is an invisible danger. Electro-static charge accumulated on the work surface can damage PCB assemblies, microprocessors, memory chips and other high impedance components.

Industry demands and global manufacturing standards require ESD workstations that provide a static-safe work environment. Messung Global Connect in India offers flexible storage and workspace solutions to meet the diverse needs of defence facilities.

For EPAs where the environment is well controlled and all objects and technicians are static-safe, Messung’s ESD work tables, ESD chairs and stools, ESD trolleys, ESD drawer cabinets, ESD racks & pedestals, moveable test stations, instrument movement trolleys and other ESD furniture contribute towards creating an ergonomic, safe, static-free workplace. The modular design adds flexibility so users can adjust and adapt the furniture to optimise their own work environment.


Messung, at its own production facility in Pune, India, designs and manufactures a range of ESD-safe solutions for ESD workplaces under the brand name ‘AFM-PLUS’. Besides a growing number of ESD trolleys, racks, instrument movement trolleys and other ESD storage solutions, the range includes:

ESD Workbenches Available in aluminium or mild steel, Messung’s world-class ESD workstations or ESD workbenches meet the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1. The ESD tables are modular and ergonomically adaptable. The lab table top with volumetric ESD ensures electrostatic charge is dissipated across the working area. To further keep the table charge-neutral, there is a grounding cable and all plastic parts are not ESD conductive.

AFM-PLUS workstations are fitted with a footrest for working comfort, perforated panel for easy mounting of electronic assemblies, and an ergonomic rack for hanging trays to hold special tools, cables, inspection equipment, etc. The sturdy worktop is a tough high pressure laminated particle board with ABS 2mm edge binding. It has 200 Kg weight carrying capacity and is Formaldehyde Emission – Class E1 (normally inflammable) as per EN 438.

A special feature is the sleek electrical mounting panel that is equipped with high standard universal power sockets (5/15 Amp) and standard MCB of 2 pole/32 Amp.

ESD Work chairs & stools To help your technicians and engineers work safer and more comfortably for longer, Messung provides ergonomic ESD chairs with cushioned seating, back rest, casters and all parts made of ESD-conductive material.

Messung’s workplace chairs are made with world-class components for outstanding ergonomics and durability. The adjustable back, the hard chrome-plated piston and spring for height adjustment and synchronous mechanism for tilting the backrest and seat make sitting more comfortable and customised. The volumetric ESD casters and sturdy 700 mm diameter base provide stability and excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Messung’s IEC 61340-5-1 standard ESD workstation chairs and stools are available in standard and high versions, in 3 material options: Thermoplastic PU-Integral Foam, Synthetic leather and Fabric. All three materials are durable with easy-to-clean properties.


Messung Global Connect is one of India’s leading  ESD products manufacturers. It is a business unit of the diversified Messung Group, which is well-known as the pioneer of the first indigenous PLC in India, and a leading name in industrial automation for four decades.

Messung has partnered with numerous Defence labs and government organisations to provide workplace systems as per IEC 61340-5-1 safety standards. With its own manufacturing and testing facility, Messung is well-equipped to customise orders as per the client’s requirements, and to deliverwith speed, reliability and cost-efficiency. Modern volumetric ESD technology and stringent QC ensures long-term ESD protection for lower electro-static failures. The world-class design and specifications provide excellent finish and improved ergonomics, thereby enhancing the productivity of the users.

For best-in-class ESD workplace solutions that fulfil the most demanding criteria, contact Messung

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