High Quality ESD – High Chairs & High Stools from Messung

Ours is an increasingly technological age requiring more and more sophisticated electronic components. From our laptops& TVs to washing machines to cars, electronics run our lives. In such a world, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) poses a serious problem for industry.

Static discharge can damage electronic components in electronics manufacturing. ESD can attract contaminants in clean environments or cause products to stick together. The cost of ESD-damage can range from a few rupees for a simple diode to several thousand for more complex components. The time and cost of repairs or replacements can be huge; the damage to the company’s reputation can be incalculable.


ESD high chairs and high stools are the modern solution. They have become essential parts of the industry, for workers who deal with delicate electronic circuitry or work areas that require minimized environmental pollutants such as a cleanroom environment.

They are commonly used in the semiconductor, bioscience, pharmaceutical, computer, and medical equipment industries.

Workers in such workplaces also need the same comfort, adjustability and ergonomic support that workers in non-ESD areas require. Seating ergonomics enables long hours of work, promotes productivity and protects wellbeing.

Messung offers a range of ergonomic ESD workstation chairs and stools, in both standard and high versions.

ESD Chairs


Messung’s ESD chairs and stools are specifically designed for use in electrical and electronics industry. They are proven to minimise environmental pollutants in cleanroom applications too.

Some of the tasks associated with ESD areas call for elevated seating positions or require workers to stand for long periods or to alternate between standing up and sitting down. As a result, their bodies are often subjected to a great deal of physical stress. Messung’s high chairs and stools with footrests support the human body and relieve physical stress.Also called task chairs, they have pneumatic seats that adjust to an optimal working height.

In accordance with the European EN 61340-5-1 standards for conductivity, Messung’s ESD chairs and stools are built of robust metal frames with non-conductive materials, static-free fabric and static free casters/glides, to deliver reliable ESD protection and long service life.

They also ensure ergonomic seating and support for worker productivity and comfort. The adjustable conductive backrests (for chairs) and smooth gas lift height adjustment make Messung ESD task chairs and ESD-safe industrial metal stools a must-have for industry.

ESD Chairs and Stools


Messung’s work stools are designed to withstand tough environments, including heavy industry. Thermoplastic PU can withstand oils, sparks, and blows. The synthetic leather and fabric model are soft but at the same time resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

  • Height adjustment between 580-840 mm
  • 75mm thick seat of 350 diameter
  • Up to 120 kg weight carrying capacity
  • Chrome-plated safety gas spring
  • Aluminum die-cast five-star base
  • Foot ring of 457 mm diameter
  • 700 mm diameter base for stability
  • Conductive casters/glides
  • Class-4 cleanliness
  • ESD range: 106 – 107 ohms
  • As per IEC 61340-5-1 standard
  • Available in 3 versions: Thermoplastic PU Integral Foam, Synthetic Leather and Fabric
ESD Stools


Messung’s high chairs are suitable for industrial work that involves a lot of standing. They offer a non-slip seat,smooth height adjustment for the seat and the footrest ring that can help lower the pressure on your feet by up to 60%. The polyurethane surface is durable and easy to clean.

  • Height adjustment between 580-840 mm
  • Seat tilt of 7 degrees, and backrest tilt of 35 degrees with forward tilt of 15 degrees and backward tilt of 20 degrees
  • Up to 120 kg weight carrying capacity
  • Chrome-plated safety gas spring
  • Aluminium die-cast five-star base
  • Foot ring of 457 mm diameter
  • 700 mm diameter base for stability
  • Heavy duty volumetric ESD PU-Nylon casters
  • Class-4 cleanliness
  • ESD range: 106 – 107 ohms
  • As per IEC 61340-5-1 standard
  • Available in 3 versions: Thermoplastic PU Integral Foam, Synthetic Leather and Fabric
esd task chair


Messung Workplace Technology, under its ‘Navonmesh – Make in India initiative’, manufactures these world-class task chairs and stools for industrial and technical workplaces. Whether for production, packing, R&D or EPA environments, Messung’s chairs and stools offer excellent value for money.

Messung is already well-known in the industry for bringing the patented volume-ESD technology to India through their products like ESD workstations, ESD storage racks and trolleys.

Messung’s painstaking attention to detail complemented by meticulous manufacturing and testing inhouse, ensure their products add real value to industrial workplaces. With global quality standards, ruggedness for heavy-duty industrial use, ergonomics for enhanced comfort and long-lasting volume ESD – Messung’s industrial worktables, ESD tables, stainless steel tables, lab tables with drawers, ESD chairs and stools are built to boost productivityin ESD, general and cleanroom workplaces.

If you want to ensure ESD-free seating for your lab or cleanroom; if you want to give your workersa comfortable, ergonomic seating experience; if you want world-class chairs and stools at cost-effective prices – Messung  is your first choice.

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