Why Customized Workbench is Crucial?

Customizing your industrial workbench is one of the most important aspects of achieving optimized efficiency and safety in any workplace. However, picking the right customized option is the key.

Let’s understand the different aspects one must consider while customizing an industrial workbench.

1. The worktop

Worktop is one of the important elements that determine the overall quality of the product, as it is subjected to several conditions. A harsh working environment in industries such as automotive and military can expose industrial workbenches to harsh working conditions, making them more prone to wear and tear.As a result, selecting a workbench that can withstand high temperatures, heavy equipment loads, and chemical resistance is critical. Besides this, depending on the industry, there are several other factors that are often considered when investing in a worktop.

Messung provides a worktop with a 28-mm-thick high-pressure laminated (HPL) chipboard and ergonomic 50-mm rounding on the front corners, measuring 1600 mm x 1000 mm (L x D). Furthermore, they are chemically and thermally resistant (short time 180° C).

2. Efficient space-saving accessories

Without an appropriate space-saving setup, working with sensitive ESD components can be challenging. Hence, it is crucial to manage accessories and equipment efficiently so that they can be stored and to save ample working space for testing.

A few features offered by Messung workstations are:

  • Drawers, can come in a variety of sizes and be configured according to one’s convenience.
  • Shelves, which can be installed below or above the work surface
  • Shelves, which can be installed below or above the work surface
  • Cable management system, to manage and store multiple cable wires in one place, avoiding chaos on the worktop.
  • Perforated Panel, for easy mounting of electronic assembly
  • Upper storage cabinets, which can move with the workstation Monitor arms, which can accommodate flat screens and laptops
  • Keyboard trays and CPU holders, which can be fixed or adjustable

3. Ergonomic design

  • 50-mm-edged curve to avoid accidents at corners
  • footrest to support the lumbar area
  • in-built LED light for proper and precise vision. Poor lighting can be a safety hazard; misjudging the position, shape, or speed of an object can lead to incidents and injury.
  • Height-adjustable shelf for easy access to the shelves without putting strain on the spine.

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