Maximising productivity with ESD tables and chairs in Middle Eastern offices

The Arabian Gulf has brought to life and became a magnet for foreign firms, resulting in a surge in demand for office and commercial space. Many projects have been proposed and built in the Arabian Gulf since then. The abundance of high-tech gadget usage indirectly leads to electronics operations. Top-tier supercars, luxury cars and premium vehicle usage lead to automotive testing. Other than tourism, the Gulf’s urge for self-dependent scientific research centres leads to R&D test laboratories. With thousands of foreign enterprises operating in GCC’s geographic area, the architecture of the region has evolved swiftly and dramatically in order to provide a suitable site to host all of these businesses as well as, all of the facilities required for individuals who operate them.

The Middle East electronic industry is expected to rise at an 8.4% annual rate between 2022 and 2028 (based on 6Wresearch report). The Middle East electronic market is expanding and is expected to expand further due to an increase in construction activities such as rising commercial and residential infrastructure in the Middle East region as a result of several economic visions and government policies aimed at diversifying the oil-based economy. Furthermore, large expenditures in numerous megaprojects in the building, infrastructure, oil and gas, and power industries have increased demand for electrical equipment in the region. The productivity rate has been excelling and it is on a positive angle of ascend. Messung’s customised ESD setups can elevate the productivity rate significantly. With an extensive offering of tables, chairs, trolleys and complete ESD setup for any and every labour requirement; yielding positive results is bounded.

In addition to that, Middle Eastern countries developed public-private partnerships for infrastructure development, which would increase demand for electrical equipment even more. As a result, the Middle East electronic market is expected to exhibit a positive trend over the forecast period. In the forecast period, the government’s initiatives to boost the energy sector, as well as the easy transition to renewable energy sources, will act as a catalyst for demand for electrical equipment such as low and high-voltage wires and cables, wiring devices, and electrical lighting equipment. Considering all these factors we see that there is an evolution in maximising productivity with pragmatic ESD solutions. Smooth functioning will help industry experts achieve more in lesser span of time. This will lead to higher efficiency levels in the commerce and economic segments of GCC in general.

For nearly four decades, Messung has been at the cutting edge of Indian industrial automation. The world-class and state-of-the-art ESD products have cast a positive impact on several automation-related commercial entities, increasing their productivity. Such an influential portfolio of volumetric & ESD setups by Messung intends to smoothen Arabian entities’ productivity. We seek to support ever-increasing and accelerating industries in order to expand our experience and broad knowledge in the Gulf territory. Messung’s pragmatically designed and manufactured workplace devices for the electronics industry provide ESD protection, especially when precise electronic components are used. With unrivalled structural freedom, ergonomics, and modularity, Middle Eastern users can define and optimise their work environment in the electronics industry throughout.

With Messung ESD chairs, tables and complete setups, Middle Eastern companies can nourish the ease of functionality and see an empowering notion.

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