Are Industrial ESD Workbenches Necessary, And What Are They?

Your workspace is built on an industrial workbench. It may make or break a space because it is frequently where the majority of the work in your organization is done. The question of whether there is a workbench that can withstand harsh environments and provide protection against this important concern is being raised by many manufacturers as technology advances and businesses rely more and more on sophisticated electronic devices that can cause harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The solution to these difficult circumstances is industrial ESD workbenches. Here is the information you need to determine whether your manufacturing environment requires this type of cutting-edge ESD industrial furniture.

ESD Workbenches: What Are They?

In situations where electrostatic discharge is an issue, industrial ESD workbenches are specialized pieces of furniture. Sectors including aerospace manufacturing, or any type of electronic assembly, all of which require clean room environments.

An industrial workbench (as opposed to a workbench used in an office context) is already necessary for the majority of these scenarios. That’s because materials that can withstand the destructive nature of hazardous chemicals and other harmful things are generally used to make industrial furniture.

ESD workbenches provide an additional layer of security. A natural event known as an electrostatic discharge occurs when electricity travels through a conductor, such as our body, and discharges onto an item.

The top of ESD workbenches is comprised of a premium ESD laminate with an incorporated carbon layer that dissipates static. In order to handle 100,000 ohms, ESD dissipation resistance must be more than 10^6 ohms/square but less than 10^9 ohms/square.

In an industrial or manufacturing scenario, your workbench should have sturdy steel frames with grounding bolts attached to each end of the table, even though ESD bench tops can be assembled to any sort of frame. With the longest product life cycle, this will offer the most strength and flexibility

Are Industrial ESD Workbenches Necessary?

Electrostatic discharges occur frequently. Electrostatic discharge is what happens when you touch a doorknob and get shocked, for instance.

Of course, an electrostatic discharge can be much more dangerous than a mere shock. In fact, static discharge can harm delicate electronics, ignite volatile mixes or fumes in laboratories, and draw contaminants to clean areas.

Sensitive equipment can be harmed by as little as 1 volt of energy. The fact that static discharge cannot be felt by people until 2,000 volts or more is what worries the most. This means that even if you didn’t feel the zap, your things could still have been damaged.

However, several institutions are still unsure as to whether they actually require the additional price of an ESD workbench. After all, price is a crucial consideration when making any kind of purchase, and the ESD laminate used to make ESD workbenches has an additional cost.

An ESD product actually costs 15 to 30 per cent more than a comparable non-ESD product. However, it’s crucial to spend money wisely when purchasing the supplies your business requires.

If your workspace has specific ESD requirements or clean room specifications, it is imperative that you address the static electricity dangers there. In the long run, failing to do so may end up costing you more.

How Can I Purchase Industrial ESD Workbenches?

Working with the proper manufacturing partner that will guarantee that your production is protected and all other needs are satisfied is important if you want to acquire the best possible result.
When comparing your possibilities, seek out a supplier that:

  1. Has experience producing industrial furniture, such as ESD chairs, stools, and racks, in addition to ESD workbenches.

  2. Will add elements to the workbench that can be customised, including colour, workbench capacity, weight load capability, and storage options.

  3. Can fulfil your deadline, which has to take into account production time and the time it will take for the product to reach your facility for assembly. Remember that cooperating with a domestic manufacturer reduces the risk of dealing with a foreign manufacturer who probably has lengthier lead times.

  4. The finest manufacturing partner will satisfy your requests for customization and deadlines, but most significantly, they will have a wealth of expertise in producing ESD workbenches to guarantee that the project is done correctly and positions your facility for future productivity.

What Messung Workplace Technology offers

  1. Our expertise expands from offering world-class ESD tables with volumetric ESD to the finest chairs with synchronous mechanisms and ergonomic features.

  2. All tables are prone to complete customization and can be tailored-made to one’s specifications.

  3. All the products are made under our initiative “Make in India”, where skilled a team of skilled craftsmen assemble top-notch raw materials to design and manufacture sustainable and durable products.

  4. We believe in utmost customer satisfaction and thus, swift delivery is our primary priority.

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