Designing a safe and comfortable workspace with ESD tables and chairs in the Middle East


The Middle East is a booming market with substantial growth rates, revolutionary changes and upgrades throughout several industries. Speaking of designing safer and more comfortable workspace systems, we shall consider two prominent industries of the Middle East’s growth – Electronic & Automotive. We must understand that there is an abundance of intricate sub-segments in the electronic and automotive industries in specific.

According to Data Bridge market research, there will be exponential growth in the electronic industry till 2028. Electronic components have wide applications in every industry such as defence, automotive, consumer electronics, medicine and so on. The electronic components industry, being a fundamental component of electronic systems, has significant potential for growth in the near future. The increasing usage of electronic gadgets in all aspects of everyday life is the primary driving force in the market. The fast acceptance of electronics in all sectors of manufacturing and science proves to be an opportunity. Several gadget makers have established their labs and research centres in GCC for its position on the world map. As there is a confluence of West and East cultures there is a major market opportunity to tap into both world’s demands. Such electronic-oriented workspaces require suitable and specific ESD products. A complete ESD setup comprising tables and chairs will help the industry experts keep efficiency intact.

Talking about the automotive industry, one of the primary drivers driving GCC automotive market growth is increasing investment in smart cities, which has resulted in the ongoing expansion of metropolitan regions, resulting in a shortage of land availability. According to World Bank Group forecasts, the GCC’s urban population will account for 90% of the overall population by 2050. As a result, the notion of smart cities is gaining traction around the world. Restoration of existing and future used vehicles will be accelerated throughout domestic shops. Also, several automotive manufacturers establish research centres in GCC for its warm weather to test their concept vehicles. Automotive-related workspaces have a highly ESD-sensitive environment which must be composed of dedicated ESD setups and products which improve the functionality. Designing such places with custom ESD products can be a game changer.

Not just for these two sectors but any and every electronic-related workplace systems in the Middle East can be optimised with Messung’s technology. If we consider these two aspects, there is a significant need of designing an appropriate, safe and comfortable workplace systems. As there are hi-tech systems galore, there is a necessity of updating, accentuating and redefining the ergonomics of workplace technology systems. For this, Messung’s world-class ESD products can fix your question. Messung has been at the forefront of workplace technology optimisation for more than four decades. The state-of-the-art and cutting-edge ESD solutions have had a good impact on various commercial entities, enhancing their productivity. The industrial sectors of GCC can be revitalised with exemplary ESD products and the efficiency level can be easily multiplied.


Designing a safe, comprehensive and complete setup is possible with an extensive range of ESD products and configurations. With best-in-class ergonomic ESD chairs and tables, workplace functionality is surely optimised to the max. In the middle east, there are high weather conditions; here antistatic workstation/table can be useful for extended working hours. We are confident that the Gulf region will widely opt for customized ESD workstation. Messung is the linchpin in designing and manufacturing ergonomic ESD workstation for Indian industries, similarly, we will revamp the working environment in the Gulf as well. Designing a safer, more suitable and more precision-oriented workplace technology system by Messung is the right option to go for an ergonomic transformation.

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