Ergonomics in the workplace is one of the underemphasized and disregarded matters, especially in India. In contrast, good ergonomics has many practical and evident benefits that seem oblivious to many. For instance, according to the reports of The Ergonomics Center, 2021, companies with good ergonomic
solutions increased their productivity by 25%. So exactly what counts as a good ergonomic solution? Before that, let us understand the significance of ergonomics in workplaces.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is often defined as the “study of work”. It is a detailed study of how workers interact with the elements around them. The primary objective of a good ergonomic solution is to optimize efficiency and productivity in the workplace while simultaneously reducing the discomfort caused by several factors.

Think about the shelf placed at a distance from your workstation, or simply a worktable with no space for a footrest. It may seem like trivial discomfort, but the very same scenario can significantly impact both workers and the company in the long term. This is where ergonomic solutions jump in!

Four primary workplace situations are covered by ergonomics:

● The objects workers handle
● A worker’s method of moving objects
● Functions or processes performed by
● Workplace surroundings

Why Workplace Ergonomics is Important?

Every company’s financials focus on aspects that would affect the organization in any way. However, lesser-known facts about the impact of workplace ergonomics have substantial consequences on both workers’ health and the final output of the firm.

Here’s why workplace ergonomics is important:

● A systemic reduction in ergonomics risks can prevent chronic diseases like musculoskeletal diseases, costing a hefty amount for the company.
● According to the Ergonomics at Work Environment In India, designing a suitable workstation, equipment designs, and work posture that promotes ease of work eventually leads to job satisfaction. A work environment that allows less exertion and motion becomes more efficient for workers.
● Poor ergonomics can lead to aggravated and fatigued workers. Persistent exposure to such conditions induces reduced work efficiency that directly impacts the product or service offered by them.

Messung Ergonomic Solutions

● Adjustable Footrest
Messung’s volumetric ESD workstations come with an adjustable footrest. The footrest acts as a compensating factor for the chair’s height by placing the soles of the feet on the floor. For a comfortable
posture, your feet should always be in contact with the floor and lie flat. An ergonomic footrest ensures correct posture by keeping the thighs horizontal or slightly elevated from the knees to the pelvis.
As trivial as it may sound, non-ergonomic postures are the leading cause of chronic disorders affecting the spine, especially in jobs that demand long sitting hours.

● The Synchronous Tilt Mechanism
Messung’s ESD Chairs with PU integral foam offer a synchronous mechanism that enables users to enjoy a seat tilt of 7 degrees, a backrest tilt of 35 degrees, a forward tilt of 15 degrees, and a backward tilt of 20 degrees. A forward-sloping seat helps increase blood flow to the lower legs, helping to reduce muscle stiffness and reducing lower back pressure by encouraging the forward leaning position.

● In-built LED Light
The volumetric ESD workstation comes with an in-built LED light. The light is fixed in a position that would focus the beam on the worktop, avoiding glaring into the eyes. The appropriate lighting solution is one of the essential aspects, especially in jobs that demand intricate work on equipment. Poor lighting can be a safety hazard – misjudgment of the position, shape, or speed of an object can lead to incidents and injury.

● Height Adjustment Shelf
Messung’s ESD Workplace Systems come with a height-adjustable shelf. Work demanding the use of heaps of tools while working requires an efficient space to manage equipment and, more importantly, a space with effortless access. Shelves arranged at a distance from the worktop can cause discomfort in a long term. Messung’s workstation with adjustable-height shelves allows swift movement of workers and
access to shelves that can be adjusted according to one’s preference.

These are the few ergonomic solutions mentioned. Besides these, Messung offers volumetric ESD workstations with a 50 mm ergonomic curve at the edges, electrical panels inclined 45° for better visibility, structured cable management, and height-adjustable chairs with a world-class piston
mechanism promoting ergonomic working conditions.

Ergonomic solutions are the factors that majorly include slight changes in work environments but have an evident impact that has been accepted by many. Implementing such a measure not only ensures the productivity of the company but also the health of the employees, who are assets to every organization.

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